For Students

  • Provides you easy access to extensive information about colleges across the country.
  • Allows you to create an in-depth personal profile that highlights your accomplishments and depicts you as a person rather than a “score.”
  • Presents to admissions officers the talents and skills that make you a unique and attractive candidate for their college.
  • Opens a channel for you to:
    • receive personalized offers from colleges interested in your profile, and
    • communicate directly with college admission offices.
  • Importantly: CollegeFindMe, is free , easy to use and confidential.

For High School Counselors

  • Provides a dynamic platform that helps your students discover and apply to colleges that best fit their dreams and aspirations.
  • Allows you to follow your students’ college search and application process online.
  • Helps you manage more efficiently your limited counseling time.
  • Importantly: CollegeFindMe, is free, easy to use and confidential.

For Colleges

  • Provides unparalleled access to a wide range of unique and diverse students.
  • Allows admission officers to access and mine a large database of student profiles.
  • Opens a direct channel to contact those candidates that best fit your admission criteria and to send them personalized information including:
    • scholarship opportunities,
    • application-fee waivers, and
    • pre-admission offers.
  • Importantly: CollegeFindMe, is easy to use and confidential.
  • Testimonial

    CollegeFindMe is very helpful. I don't need to go to many college tours. After I signed up, college admissions contacted me. It’s amazing!

    - Vera, China
  • Testimonial

    I usually don't check emails and ads sent by colleges, but I check CollegeFindMe messages. I feel like they are for me only and that I’m important to them.

    - Taylor, Boston