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Your SAT/ACT Prep Guide

Jay KC, CollegeFindMe Intern The SAT and ACT can be stressful exams for a student can take, and combining that with regular schoolwork is a recipe for high-level stress. Here is some advice on how you can handle them both. Keep a calendar A lot of people find keeping a calendar excessive or tedious, but

Anthropology: A Crash Course in Culture Studies

Jeremy Caldwell ‘19, Tufts University I graduated in May with a degree in anthropology. A lot of people don’t know what that means, and to be fair, I really didn’t know either, even after I declared my major. Anthropology is basically culture studies. You can learn about religions, rituals, artifacts, languages, and the day-to-day life

The World of Portfolios

Briti Prajapat, CollegeFindMe Intern Out of those hundreds of thousands of applicants, how can you stand out? Are you excelling in school? Do your test scores set a promising representation of you and your abilities? If you’re an artist, then your talents might be another great way to set you apart from the crowd. Whether

Displaying Your Creativity

Alisson Martinez, Senior, Community Charter School of Cambridge Being an artist while trying to navigate school is a daunting feat, especially when you add college applications to your to-do list. Luckily, there is an easy and productive way to combine both your passions and your college applications. Working on creative projects throughout high school can

Breaking Down the SAT

Meghna Chhabra, Senior, Prospect Hill Academy What is the SAT? The SAT is an entrance exam many colleges and universities use in the college admissions decision. The purpose of the SAT exam is to give colleges a better sense of how ready a student is for college and acts as a universal point of comparison

Dive into Marine Biology

Ashley Fortune ‘23, College of the Holy Cross Although the summertime is recognized as a time for travel and enjoyment, it can also be a time when you embark on a learning journey. One of my most memorable summer experiences was not at a beach, but in a lab, researching marine life! I spent last

Balancing Academics and Athletics

Jobed Elien, CollegeFindMe Intern Congrats on making the team! If this is your first time trying to balance practices, games, homework, and tests all at once it can feel a little overwhelming. And while finding time between sports and school is somewhat tricky, there are tips that you can follow to manage the task. As

Breaking Down the ACT

Jeremy Caldwell ‘19, Tufts University The ACT is one of two main standardized tests that most colleges might ask for when applying. It’s not as popular as the SAT, but it could be a better choice for you to take. Let’s review the format of the ACT. Format The ACT is split into five sections

The Major Decision: What Should You Study

Wiener Douyon, CollegeFindMe Intern What’s a major? The question that any senior could ponder for hours is a simple one: “What do you want to major in?” Your major, or academic concentration, is a set of courses around a subject that you’ll eventually get a degree in. However, this will in no way cement your

Back to School Blues

Emily Sun ‘21, Boston Latin School I stretch my arms and lean back in my beach chair. The sun is still shining brightly in the sky, and I can smell the slightly salty scent of crashing waves. I love summer! As much as I’ve enjoyed my share of beaches, an entire month has already passed

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