CollegeFindMe Tips on Being an Upperclassmen

By Jay KC My life as an upperclassman has consisted of stressing, no sleeping, and procrastinating. Let me just say; this is not the way to go about being an upperclassman. Although it has turned out fine for me so far, my health isn’t the best. That is why I am going to give you

The Major Decision: What Should You Study?

  By Wiener Douyon, CollegeFindMe Intern Major What? The question that any senior could ponder for hours is a simple one: “What do you want major in?” There are so many possibilities that it may seem like you're dealing with Quantum Physics. However, this will in no way cement your future. Besides, who knows what

CollegeFindMe Pumpkin Carving Contest

Deadline November 25th How creative can you be? Are you competitive about carving pumpkins? Then now is your time to shine! Join CollegeFindMe’s Pumpkin Carving Contest by following the rules below and you could win a prize for your fantastic pumpkin. Specifications Upload the picture to your instagram Follow us on Instagram @collegefindme Tag @collegefindme Prize:

CollegeFindme Scholarship: Feast Time!

Thanksgiving, as its name implies, is an American holiday which celebrates achievement and aspects in which people are grateful for. During this holiday, there is generally a large feast held. However, these Thanksgiving feasts can vary depending on cultures. Your job is to argue which dish is the most important to have during this holiday!

The College Interview: Time to Show Off!

By Wiener Douyon, CollegeFindMe Intern Interview of Academics At this point, you are more or less a pro in interviews. You know how to use your million dollar smile. You have the jokes. You have the flair. You have it all. But a college interview is a whole new ballgame. Imagine if regular interviews were

Making Yourself a Better College Candidate

By: Jay KC, CollegeFindMe Intern If there is one thing all high schoolers can agree on, it is that everyone wants to be the best applicant for colleges and universities. We go to elementary school for middle school, middle school for high school, and finally high school for college. Of course, we want to go

Handling the SAT or ACT with School

By Jay KC, CollegeFindMe Intern The SAT and ACT can be stressful exams for a student can take, and combining that with school is a recipe for high-level stress. Here is some advice on how you can handle them both. Keep a calendar A lot of people find keeping a calendar excessive or tedious, but


Hispanic Heritage Youth Award The Hispanic Heritage Youth Award is available to rising high school seniors of Hispanic heritage. You must have a minimum 3.0 GPA to be eligible for this award. Deadline: October 15, 2018 Apply at: THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE: A one-time grant to fund their college education or to fund a community service

Orientation Week

By Osin Ghimire, Holy Cross ‘22 First Days at Mount St. James One of the best decisions I made was arriving on Mount St. James where the beautiful College of the Holy Cross is, a week before everyone else through a program for first-generation and multicultural students. Not only did I get to make friends

FAFSA: Let's Talk About The Money!

By Wiener Douyon, CollegeFindMe Intern FAFSA What? The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, FAFSA is the certified report of your family’s financial standings. Each college applicant receives their FAFSA after submitting documents such as W2 forms and recent tax returns. FAFSA is the financial side of the college application process, and for many- the

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