Stressing The Importance of Leadership Titles

Stressing The Importance of Leadership Titles

By Aida Girma, CollegeFindMe Intern

Oftentimes in high school students are forced to do community service as a graduation requirement, though that may be true, some like me will do it regardless. I have always been someone that enjoyed giving back to the community, whether or not it was mandatory. Throughout my years in high school, I can definitely say I have gotten involved with many school programs such as volunteering with the elderly, helping out at church events, as well as tutoring third graders. Through these experiences, I was not only able to learn more about student behavior, but I was also able to learn more about my strengths and weaknesses. My proudest accomplishment, however, was being named Class President for my school’s class of 2019.


In May, towards the end of my Junior year class elections were held. Originally, I didn’t plan on running for a position however, my sister encouraged me to run for class president since she first handedly experienced this after being Class President of 2015. She exposed me to the pros of being president, including getting the inside scoop of the what was going on in the school, but also being able to fully control prom. As president of the school, you have the ability to fully plan and execute prom including location, decorations, DJ, photo booth, and much more. Through much consideration, I decided to run for class president, vowing to a Vice President candidate that we would win together. The day of elections, I found myself very calm and collected, however, once it was time for the results to be announced my heart was beating out of my chest. I remember sitting in Pre-Calculus and hearing “The president is….. Aida Girma”. I instantly filled with joy, though my friend Samaya did not win Vice President, I knew the Kate would fulfill the role to her best ability. Within seconds I had to remind myself about the great responsibility that came along with this happiness.


Now after five months have passed since I was named Class President I have accomplished many things. I have held a raffle ticket sale in order to win Celtics tickets, sweater sales, sold snacks at soccer games, and currently in the process of selecting a prom venue. Though I have many other things that I do outside of school, I always make sure to prioritize my academics as well as my role as head of the student government. In addition to being Class President, I also do volunteering once a week for 3 hours, play fall and winter sports, while managing to maintain my job at CollegeFindMe. Oftentimes I find myself in situations where it may seem like I am on a time crunch to plan an event, I always find some time to talk it over with my vice president or principal. Having study hall plays a huge role in my succession, as most of my work gets done within that hour. As you grow older and start to participate in more activities, time management comes in hand. Something that works fairly well for me is my agenda book. In this, I write my homework, Important dates, and such to prevent conflicts from arising.


If you’re interested in being a Class President or holding any higher position at the school, I recommend asking previous position holders about how their experience was. Though everyone may high different experiences, It is essential to know how it went for them, what they thought could improve, etc. Additionally, I would say ask for help when needed! Many people are willing to help you, family, friends, and teachers are willing to do anything to help, so don’t be afraid to reach out to them. Lastly, have fun! You should feel obligated to do your job, but you should also enjoy what you’re doing. Forming relationships with those around you will only make your life easier.