The Winter Chronicles: The Gifts of Wisdom

The Winter Chronicles: The Gifts of Wisdom

By Wiener Douyon, CollegeFindMe Intern

The time is here! A time when Love is in the air! A time where family members and snowflakes (for some) will appear! What time would this be, you ask? Well, that’s a given! It’s time for The Winter Chronicles, and its wisdom, as the Winter Holiday is near!

Hello CollegeFindme community, you have worked hard up to this point. You have surpassed your limits, sacrificed your social life, and for some, even lost countless hours of sleep, completing both school assignments and supplements. Well, make sure you use this time, this precious time, to acknowledge your feats. You have completed many applications to various colleges and you deserve a time to reflect and, more importantly, to relax.

This blog is a reminder that you are amazing! You have recently done so much that will benefit you down the line. So all, I can tell you is: finish off strong and truly soak in all that high school has to offer. It is coming by fast, and you will soon be on that stage to get what you have earned. A diploma unlocked with your blood, sweat, and tears.

Remember to spend time with your buddies. Go to the movies, go to a mall district, go make memories, because while the college application process is important, you and the people you care about, matter too.

From one senior who is on the brink of graduating to another, I wish you good luck on making those lasting memories. Those memories that you will define as the most fulfilling times of your high school times. Those moments when you are tasting the sweetness of success. So enjoy the holidays and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.