My College Path

My College Path

By Jay KC, CollegeFindme Intern

Although it feels weird to say it to myself or even write it down here, I’m done with my college process. I am now, officially, Bucknell University Class of 2023. I have been selected to go there on a scholarship through the Posse Foundation. I still haven’t processed this accomplishment because of basketball, JSA, and school, but I know it will sink in eventually. 

If anyone told me seven months ago that I would be going to Bucknell University on a Posse scholarship, I would have asked them what were they even talking about. Just seven months ago, I planned to go to a school in a city that I was comfortable with. I was applying to schools in the heart of Boston, New York, and Chicago. Now, suddenly, I am going to a college in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, where they have farms nearby; in fact, the college even owns a farm. Not the college that I had pictured at all.

The scholarship I was set up with, Posse Scholarship, is a full-tuition scholarship. They create a group of ten people from the area around you and send you to a top school that is nothing like your surroundings. For example, I am from Boston, so they’re sending me to a school that is more rural. The best part about this scholarship is that they set you up with a support system and extensive alumni connections that will help you be set up for internships.

It’s funny, looking back at my whole application process. I stressed and stressed over things that nearly made me go insane. In a matter of one phone call, all that stress seemed to disappear and melt away. It made me realize that the college application process is full of stressing over things you can’t control. If you’re someone who isn’t finished with the college application process, I know you’re saying “well, you’re only saying this because you already know where you’re going.” That is true, but trust me, this realization will come over you once you decide where you’re going.

Now, what is left for me, is graduating from school. The journey isn’t over. I, understandably, feel a bit of senioritis, but I am trying my best to avoid it. I mean it’s sort of hard to keep going because my mind instantly goes back into the fact “I am in college, why do I need to do this?” I know this mindset is toxic and I am sticking by the fact that I am where I am because I work hard, so I need to continue working hard. I might as well finish as strong as I started. I look forward to my future at Bucknell University and with the Posse Foundation. I was gifted this opportunity by them, and I know I will not let them down.