Our Mission

CollegeFindMe provides the most convenient and efficient platform for colleges to find their best fit student and for students to find colleges.


CollegeFindMe is the first step in the college application process. It allows students to present themselves beyond their test scores, school counselors to track and communicate with their students, and colleges to find their best fit students.

Student profiles showcase their personality and talents. Then college admissions can send students personalized messages and offers, allowing for sincere interactivity. Through this process, students are also exposed to previously unknown colleges, broadening their horizons. Students can even receive messages directly to their cellphones! This lets counselors as well as colleges efficiently reach students, saving time. The daily news feed features colleges from all over the U.S. and the world, informing all users of the current state of higher education.

CollegeFindMe guides students to build strong connections with the schools of their dreams and helps them find their future college. Loved by students, trusted by colleges; let colleges find you!

Core Team

Christina Bai

Christina Bai

Founder and CEO

Christina Bai

Claude Comeau


Christina Bai

Lauren Poisson


Christina Bai

John Zdanis

Senior Lead Software Developer

Christina Bai

Vincenza Parella

Digital Marketing Specialist

Christina Bai

Yinuo Chen

Customer Relations Specialist


Christina Bai

Dr. Jose Halperin

Senior Advisor

Christina Bai

Dan Gertrudes


Christina Bai

Esin Sile

Senior Strategic Advisor

Christina Bai

Josef Blumenfeld

Communication Strategist and Senior Advisor

Christina Bai

Steven Byler

Senior Strategic Advisor of Growth