Frequently Asked Questions

There are around 5,000 colleges in the US, including 2-year and 4-year institutions. opens up doors for students to discover more colleges. There are many colleges and universities that are not recognized that may have great programs for a particular student. Being able to look at colleges from a broader perspective will allow students to make the right choice when making the final decision.
1. Sign up & Login:

A “Sign Up” button is located on the top right corner of our platform. Please confirm your email with the email you used to register at If you can’t find the email confirmation, we highly recommend you check your spam box. Once you click the "activate my account" button, you can use your email and password to log into your account.

2. Learn How it Works:

It's simple and easy! You can follow the instructions on the left side before moving forward.

3. Build Your Profile:

It's the most important step for you. The MORE complete information you fill-in, the HIGER the chances you will be searched by college admissions. And the more offers you will receive! You should build your profile filling in as many fields as you can. This will allow colleges to trot out your personality based on the information you provide in your profile.

4. Follow Up My Page:

You will find the most complete information board about the latest college admission information and program updates from all colleges in the U.S. Don't forget to mark your favorite college(s) in your "College List".

5. Colleges Find You:

College admission offices will review your skills and experiences and based on that information colleges can offer you an application waiver fee, campus tour, or even send you a pre- offer.

What else you can do...

Read college news: updates college news daily. You can easily read the recent college news from worldwide institutions.

Search for Colleges: provides three different search engines to look for colleges, CFMe search, College Scorecard, and College Navigator. With the CFMe search, you can search for colleges by filling in different criteria. This will bring students to a list of colleges and from their, they can check of boxes and add them to “My College” list.

Read useful articles:

You can find many useful information including college application, FAFSA help... gives students a variety of options to allow colleges and universities to see the best qualities in a student. CollegeFindMe’s goal is to have thousands of colleges partner with our website so students can search and find colleges directly. All the research a student may conduct can be found right here on this site. College admissions offices will contact students directly and build a relationship with one another. This allows colleges to get the best impression of the types of students applying to their college. Students can do this by filling out their profile so they have a better chance of getting contacted by a school. Students and colleges will save time by using this website to find what’s best for each other.